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Top Skills Every PR Pro Needs

28 Feb

If you’re a junior or senior, you’ve most likely begun preparing to enter the workplace. But how can we, as Communication majors, make ourselves more marketable and gain a competitive edge? What do potential employers look for in new hires?

Liberty alum and successful public relations professional Traci Blido recently spoke to a group of students and gave some answers to these questions. Traci has experience in corporate PR and non-profit sectors, and she currently serves as a communications officer for Virginia’s Region 2000 Partnership. As a wife and mother of two she juggles her career with family duties and volunteer work.

Traci shared what she considers to be the most essential skills for aspiring PR practitioners to begin developing now. Keep Reading→


Welcome Keri Cook

24 Feb

Please help make Keri feel welcome. She will be the first Student Ambassador to contribute to our blog. Here is what Keri had to say…

Hi everyone! My name is Keri Cook, and I’m a junior at Liberty University. I’m studying communications with a concentration in advertising and public relations. I have a lot of other interests and passions, too, and I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my future. I also work at the Career Center, which has taught me a lot about professional development. I’m constantly looking for ways to learn and stretch myself. I’m optimistic, highly motivated, and always on the go. I can’t wait to start sharing my thoughts with you about the exciting, fast-paced communications field. Feel free to interact and leave a comment if you wish!

Student Ambassadors

22 Feb

We wanted to let you know about something new we’re going to be doing with our blog! We have several talented students who work in our office that we believe can provide some unique insights into their specific fields of study. These students are studying everything from advertising to nursing to accounting! We are calling them our Student Ambassadors. It is our hope that our ambassadors can use their specific knowledge to help other students in their professional development process. These ambassadors will be guest posting quite a bit and we hope that you find their posts interesting and helpful! Make them feel welcome!

How To Use LinkedIn – Part 1

9 Feb

This is the first in a series of videos that will help you take full advantage of LinkedIn. Not sure what LinkedIn is? Check out our podcast that will introduce you!