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How to Write Effectively for Social Media

7 Apr

Welcome to the social media age. We are bombarded with new technologies, and we use them for everything – to get our news, to keep in touch, to sell our products, to share our thoughts.

Social media is powerful. It has introduced new career opportunities to a gloomy, unstable job market. It has landed plenty of witty commentators in hot water for their “quick fire” remarks. It has even been used to orchestrate a nationwide revolt. It has changed the world’s communication landscape, or maybe ushered in a new one altogether.

As modern-day communicators, we can’t ignore social media. We must learn how to make it work for us. We need to fine-tune our communication style if we want to cut through the noise and reach our target audience.

So how can you succeed in writing for social media? You can start by using your words in a more professional, practical, and personal way. Keep Reading→


Too Many Choices – Part 2

4 Apr

** This post is a continuation of Too Many Choices Pt.1**

We’ve grown up hearing about being created with a purpose, finding our calling, and making sure that our decisions are in God’s will, in addition to probably never having heard the Jeremiah 29:11 passage in its proper context. Given this track record, it makes sense that we have certain expectations of how focused our lives should be, and expectations of how clearly God should communicate with us. Unfortunately, our natural propensity to lean towards the “easy way out” manifests itself in these teachings. The “easy way out” says that there is one sole vocational purpose that we were created for, one sole, life-guiding calling to walk in, and that God’s “good and perfect will” is somehow the sum of these two things. It’s “easy” because according to this line of thinking, there is only one right answer for your life, ad Jeremiah 29:11 tells you that God wants to let you in on it. God chose it for you, God chose you for it, God wants you to do it, and He wants to work everything out for your good. How could life get any simpler?

We believe that if we fit all of the pieces of this equation together and follow the formula perfectly, the result will be a stable, and relatively comfortable, life. However, none of this sounds like a life evidenced in the scriptures. If anything, we’re often warned of the fleeting, unstable nature of our world, and the fact that our only hope for consistency lies in the immutable nature of our God. The whole deal is really quite ironic, because we find ourselves shrouded in stress of ecclesiastical proportions, trying to decipher this perfect formula for our individual lives. The spiritual implications include loosing trust in God when He’s seemingly unclear on what you should do, and the practical implications include being frustrated with having no idea what to do with your life. With the exceptions of pastors and other forms of “Christian celebrities,” it seems as though this traditional line of thinking just leaves the “average” Christian stuck. So where does that leave us? How then do we decide? -Keep Reading→>