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5 Ways to Optimize Your Internet Presence

28 Jul

We are very excited to have our very first guest post, contributed by, about ways you can improve your presence online! CareerBliss is an online career community and resource dedicated to helping you find joy and success at every step in your career. They offer several resources including company reviews, salary information and even a job board. Be sure to check out their site!

If you’re not taking full advantage of the host of networking platforms on the Internet, you are missing out on major networking opportunities with potential employers.

You can maximize your online reputation by showcasing your experience, skills, and career goals via social media, the blogosphere, and job boards. Check out the following 5 steps you can take today to maximize your job hunt:

#1 Control Facebook Privacy:

Facebook tends to revamp their site and features from time to time in an effort to keep things fresh—without warning. If you don’t take control of your privacy settings, you might become victim to some unwanted automated settings that Facebook periodically applies across the board. Make sure you check out Facebook’s Privacy Explanation so that you have control over your personal info.

If you know that the information posted on your Facebook is simply something you don’t want anyone other than your friends to see, click here to learn how you can go completely invisible on Facebook recently reported by Business Insider.

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