Your First Job: In College

14 Feb

Here at Liberty University, the mission is to strive for Christian excellence and the same is desired from our ambitious students. Every day, as students, we are faced with challenges and life situations that are intended for us to grow academically and spiritually. Whether you are a first semester freshman or a seasoned fifth year veteran one thing will always join us together, money or a lack thereof. Here’s the solution: get a job.  Now there are many questions that arise when you begin to find a job. Where will you find the time? Do you have reliable transportation? Can you afford to sacrifice social time with your friends at the Rot? Start with HR. The human resources department at Liberty University offers a great selection of work-study jobs.

Work study jobs are offered through the university and available on campus. They offer to work around your class schedule, to guarantee days off during semester breaks and holidays, and you get to work here on campus. This campus is constantly expanding so there are always new departments and buildings for students to work in. Working specifically in a department is a great way to network as well. The setbacks would include a set amount of low hours and usually making minimum wage.

Culinary jobs are abundant in college towns. Simple equation: a surplus of students in one location equals a surplus of restaurants in that same location. Being a waiter, waitress, hostess, or cook is a valuable job. Tips at most restaurants on a Friday or Saturday night are substantial. Working at a restaurant greatly improves your communication skills and reflects on a resume that you have excellent customer service. Be ready for some long nights and always remember that not every customer is a happy one.

College friendly jobs are all around you! Corporations such as Starbucks and Chick-fil-a cater to students. Starbucks has always been the hang out for the young and hip. Why not work there? There are so many perks! There’s free coffee for your tired brain and a constant stream of business to keep your paycheck heavy. Starbucks also offers health and dental benefits depending on how many hours you log. A high percentage of Chick-fil-a employees are between the ages of 16-21. They offer scholarships and educational benefits to hard working employees. These jobs attract large amounts of college students-among others-so expect constant, heavy traffic throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening to help the hours pass by quickly.

A job in college doesn’t have to be just a quick buck. If you play it right, your college job can be a stepping-stone into the workforce or some extra experience on your thin resume. Remember, you often start with a job you don’t want on the way to fulfilling the destiny you do want.


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