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Making Decisions…

18 Mar

babyDid you know that there’s a reason why you enjoy the things you do in your free time?  Or have you wondered why it is you love your psychology or health promotions class?  Perhaps you write poetry or fix your friends’ computers.  All of these things are rooted in how God intrinsically designed you to be.  Even when you were an infant, you had a personality type that started to show itself and has been developing every day of your life.

When I was an undergraduate at Liberty, I would often hang back when my friends asked me to go to the movies.  Not until I took a personality test did I realize that was probably because I’m an introvert and enjoy spending time alone, in order to recharge my energy.  Maybe you’re an introvert too, or perhaps an extrovert who feels energized by spending time with people.  You could also fall somewhere in the middle where you prefer a balanced amount of solitude and spending time with others.  This one aspect of your personality could help you in deciding your future career.

There are other things to consider, such as your natural interests and the way that your mind likes to think about things.  Some people enjoy picking apart a certain idea until they’re blue in the face and have reached the end of available research.  If you find yourself thinking about philosophical ideas, you may want to consider majoring in an abstract type of degree that will allow for deep discussions and open ended thoughts.  Then there are types of people who love more concrete subjects, such as math and science.  Again, you might be somewhere in-between the two, but if you find yourself leaning more towards one side, it’s something important to consider when choosing your major.

Your values also play a huge role in where you may end up career-wise.  If you want to be a stay-at-home mother while your children are being raised, it may be ideal to consider a major that will allow for part-time or freelance work.  For men, this scenario might mean considering a career in which you can financially support a wife and children.  Whether marriage or raising children are a part of your future, it never hurts to plan ahead for it.  Values also consist of your spiritual beliefs, whether you desire consistent hours, or perhaps you want a job that will have opportunities for advancement.

By thinking about and knowing these areas of your life now, you will be able to make more confident decisions going forward.  Consider taking an assessment test to help you navigate the intricacies of who you are. The Career Center has a free assessment called Focus 2 for all Liberty students to take advantage of.  It will help you understand yourself better and possibly open up new ideas as to what you can major or minor in.  It provides a lengthy list of potential careers as well that will assist you in your decision making process.  Check it out today and then schedule a career counseling meeting to discuss the results!