It’s My Job & I Want it NOW!

14 Jan

hire_me_300x276Waiting in line, waiting in traffic, waiting for your Chick-fil-a order to be filled- have you ever been frustrated at how much time you spend waiting?? Time is money as the saying goes and our lives operate at warp speed on a daily basis. No matter how irritated you get at the daily waiting it cannot compare to waiting for a job. Anyone that has been through the job application process can tell you- it is painful!!

If you have been told that it’s as easy as pushing the submit button online and the phone ringing within the hour to ask to set up an interview, they are either lying or they are the exception to the rule. In honesty, the process looks more like this:

You search for several hours for a few positions that you are qualified for and prepare your resume and cover letter. You fill out all the forms and confidently attach all your documents and with great anticipation hit the submit button. You check daily -if not hourly- to see if the status of your application has changed -each time with less and less enthusiasm. You finally decide to call the place you applied only to find out the status and they say they have already filled the position. You start debating about starting all over again and think about whether you really need money to make it and if you have any friends that have a couch that you can crash on instead.
While this waiting roller coaster ride is all too common, there are steps you can take to make this process a lot less painful.

1. THE POWER OF NETWORKING: Network with friends, family, professors and acquaintances to see who is hiring. This will get the word out and let you know about jobs before they are posted online. Some never make it to posting or are posted after the position has already been filled, so talking to departments and companies gets you ahead of the game.

2. TAKE A WALK: Once you submit that online form, find the office that is conducting the hiring and walk a hard copy of your resume and cover letter printed on resume paper to the office. Make sure and tell them that you already applied online but wanted them to have a hard copy of your information. Dress to do an interview on the spot if they are impressed with your professionalism!

3. DON’T SIT BY THE PHONE: Don’t sit idle waiting for them to contact you – get busy!! Volunteer at places that will develop your skills in the meantime. There are millions of nonprofit organizations and ministries that desperately need help that will keep you busy growing in your skills while giving back to your community. They will understand that it is short term and will be thankful for your service.

4. HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL: Don’t give up hope. A job search is supposed to take time and persistence. If you go into the circumstance knowing that there could be numerous applications and interviews before you get that job, it will help you not become defeated. It is all part of the plan.

Post By: Michele Worley (Career Counselor)


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